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What is Mold?
Here's Some Answers.

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Understanding What You're Up Against

Mold is everywhere – it’s in the air we breathe, the food we eat, on surfaces we touch. Mold is considered a fungus, which acts as a decomposer in nature. This organism breaks down other matter, such as plants (leaves, dead trees, etc.) and dead animals in the wild. It also thrives in moisture-rich environments and requires oxygen to multiply. Through simple multiplication, mold spores are produced by more mature molds, which drift to another surface and begin the reproduction process. This process is what causes excessive growth in moisture-rich areas of any home or property, which leads to a high mold spore count Pittsburgh, also known as high mold concentration in Pittsburgh.

​Mold in nature is completely normal. Decomposers exist as part of the food chain to allow for matter to be recycled into the ground and used to fertilize plants for better growth. On the other hand, mold in your property is not normal, and should be dealt with when first noticed! In an enclosed environment, especially in high concentrations, mold spores can cause sneezing, runny nose, skin rashes, dizziness, fainting, headaches, and severe respiratory distress. Mold can be especially harmful to children, elderly individuals, and anyone with a pre-existing respiratory condition – meaning you could be putting your loved ones or customers at serious risk. For mold removal Pittsburgh, give us a call today to help with your home or business issues. If you’re skeptical about treating the mold in your property, or think it may not be worth your time and money, read on…

A Simple Analogy

When considering if mold remediation Pittsburgh is the right choice for you – think of it like this. When you open your fridge and see mold growing on some food you were about to consume, do you let it sit in the fridge or throw it away? Most reading this would choose the second option, knowing mold can cause illness if consumed. Plus, it doesn’t look very appetizing. But, if you did let it remain in the fridge for long enough, eventually the mold would consume all the organic material of the food, leaving only mold remaining after some time.

Similar to this situation, think about mold growing on a surface, whether that be in your home or at your business. Although you’re not consuming the mold in this case, it’s still present. Mold in high enough concentrations will start to produce mold spores to spread onto other surfaces, causing infestation to grow in other areas of your property as well. Consider the infested surface like the bad food in your fridge – when you see, it’s time to do something about it! Act early and you’ll stop the spread of mold before it penetrates the infested surface and reaches the other surfaces, saving you money and keeping you healthy. If you wait, the mold will hastily take over the exposed area, leading to high repair costs and potential health hazards in the near future. 

​Now that you know more about mold – and how it directly impacts your home or business – reach out to us with your concerns and start winning the battle today! For mold removal companies Pittsburgh – Mold Be Gone is the best in the business!