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The Testing Technique

Mold takes on many different forms depending on the type of mold spore that has begun multiplying in a given area, as well as a number of other factors including climate, air moisture content, and temperature. Some molds excel at growing in dark, damp areas, while others may prefer slightly warmer, sun-lit surfaces. However, the key factor in both these situations is moisture. Regardless of other factors, if oxygen and water are present – mold can grow! Like humans, mold has also adapted to facing harsh environments, including certain chemical agents that are applied to it. For these reasons, it’s important to know what type of mold you’re up against when trying to effectively eliminate it. That’s why we recommend mold testing Pittsburgh to be done before going forward with a mold remediation plan. This allows us to identify the specific type of mold that is at hand, and use our knowledge and expertise to help create a thorough plan and next steps for complete removal!

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Mold Testing Pittsburgh PA – When to Test

You may think “Why do I need mold testing if I already know mold is present?” Mold testing isn’t limited to just current mold in your property as a countermeasure – it also acts as a preventative measure for potential future mold growth. You may have mold remediation done at your home or business, but how do you know if that mold hasn’t returned? Mold testing allows for streamlined detection of new, and old, mold growth. 

The following reasons justify why a mold test is a worthwhile action for your property:

  • Ensures mold levels are maintained at normal levels, even after remediation
  • Allows hidden detection of mold within a given area, especially if a new water or plumbing leak has occurred recently
  • Helps mold removal services Pittsburgh to do the best possible work when conducting their process
  • Gives you peace of mind when doing renovations, knowing your property is mold-free from the start.

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